Where am I from?

I was born in Kansas City, and raised in Detroit.  I have lived in Texas, Oklahoma and 35 years in San Diego.  Currently, I live on an Island in the Puget Sound within a short ferry ride to Seattle.

What is my favorite color?

I love color and I can swoon over most of them, however I always have to say red or fuchsia makes my heart sing.

What’s my biggest pet peeve?

I have a few, but people that say “like” multiple times why they are talking, or sentences that end in a preposition.  (“where you at?”, instead of “where are you?”) drives me a bit crazy.

Favorite Food

Yes.  But in all seriousness, I love seafood, fresh vegetables, especially tomatoes (yeah I know it’s a fruit).  Avocados make the list as well.  I love creative dishes and will try most anything.  The kitchen is another one of my creative playgrounds.  Dessert?  I don’t eat them much anymore, but I can be enticed with bananas foster, tiramisu, or a big hot fudge brownie sundae.

Fun Facts

I used to design automobiles for General Motors, I have jumped out of an airplane, and flown airplanes (not at the same time 😊), traveled to Europe alone, went on a solo ski adventure and probably met more wonderful people traveling alone that I ever have when traveling with others.